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Reaching Audiences in the New Year

“New Year, New Me” Chances are you’ll hear quite a few people tell you that this January. In most cases they’re referring to their new exercise and health routines, or the new hobby they’re going to pick up. But maybe they’re not just referring to their kale smoothies and five hour bike rides. The New Year is the perfect time for your business to be getting your messaging out to new and existing customers, even if your product isn’t healthy related. Consumers are starting fresh in many other areas of their life, why not start new with the products and services your company has to offer too? Here are Target Media’s top three ways to make an impact with your advertising in the New Year.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Yes, this seems like an obvious first step, but this little detail could make a huge impact if identified incorrectly. A good way to identify your target audience is to take a look at your existing customers. Looking back at customer information over the past few years can be great insight into who your products appeal to most. If you’re a Credit Union and the majority of auto loans have been taken out by adults 18 – 25, then that’s a good starting point for your next auto campaign. This type of information can be incredibly helpful in making sure you’re making the biggest impact with consumers, and you’re not being wasteful with your advertising dollars. It’s also important to make sure you’re reaching audiences where they already are too. If you’re looking to target an audience comprised of Adults 54+, you probably don’t want to run an entirely digital campaign. Once you’ve identified who you’re looking to target, matching them up with the right platforms will make your campaign even more dynamic.

2. Consider Using New Platforms

Just like everyone else, who’s looking for a fresh start, you’re advertising strategy should be no different. Exploring new media channels allows you to expand your reach, and engage audiences in new and exciting ways. If your advertising has been limited to print and television in the past, consider breaking into the digital world to reach a wider variety of consumers. Utilizing different platforms than you’ve done in the past, will give audiences a fresh look at your brand. Seeing your company’s name and messaging in a place they wouldn’t have expected strengthens consumer recognition, and increases the overall brand awareness. Advertising on different platforms is an effective way to reach your new and existing consumers in 2018.

3. Refresh Creative

Over time, people become bored of the ads they’re exposed to. This boredom can lead to poor results for your ads because consumers are no longer seeing, hearing, or interacting with them. When companies hear the words “refresh creative” they think this is a much bigger undertaking than it needs to be. The simplest refreshes to your creative can make more of an impact with consumers than you would have thought. Something as simple as changing a radio script from a female voice to a male voice could be just enough to catch your consumer’s attention. With visuals ads, swapping out an image or rewording a message can reengage your audience, and convince them they’re looking at a new ad. Refreshing your creative doesn’t have to be a big undertaking, but it can make a big difference in the way your audiences is seeing your brand.

Advertising is an essential part of any business, and changing up your advertising each year is a great way to keep your target audiences engaged. Whether it’s targeting a new audience, using a new platform, or refreshing your message, the New Year is the perfect time to reach consumers. So while your company may not be picking up a new hobby in 2018, following those few steps can be just enough to have you pick up new customers!