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Meet The Team : Spring Interns

Let's talk about Interns! Real world experience is key to a college student's resume. Here at Target Media, we ensure our Interns are leaving with more experience, than they would have initially anticipated. We understand that the majority of their time in college is spent in lecture halls, so we make sure their time with Target is well spent. Where most interns come in expecting to get coffee, and file papers, we give them hands on projects that allow them to see some of the behind the scenes that go into our client media plans!

This Spring we had the privilege of having three interns; two from Elizabethtown College, and one from Saint Joseph's University. We asked them to tell us a little about themselves and their experience in our office. So, let's meet the team! (From Left to Right) Cassandra, Jenny, and Rebecca.

Cassandra Rochelle- Elizabethown College

Working as a Social Media intern at Target Media USA has provided me foundational knowledge of the advertising industry. Moreover, this experience allows me opportune time to see first-hand the daily occurrences of an ad agency; I have the chance to attend weekly staff meetings and speak with multiple media buyers about the process for creating promotional campaigns. From them, I am assigned projects that demonstrate a bevy of industry related responsibilities such as data analytics, infographics, and psychographics. Not only has this internship developed my marketing knowledge, but it also allows me to grow by way of communication and confidence. I am thankful for this opportunity and all involved.

Jennifer Welch - Elizabethtown College

I am the marketing intern here at Target Media. I am currently finishing up my junior year at Elizabethtown College where I am studying Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and a minor in Spanish. Along with being a student, I have also been a member of my college’s women’s basketball team for the past three years. Not only do I like participating in sports, I also enjoy watching them, and cheering for any teams from D.C.

I wanted to work at this wonderful company because I wanted to gain better insight in the media buying process and gain hands-on experience in marketing. I knew here I would be able to expand my knowledge and skills in them. Since my first day here, I have been utilizing my writing skills by assisting in creating content for the company’s blog page. I have also been tasked with creating advertisements for our social media platforms like Facebook. I cannot wait for the more opportunities to come as my internship continues. I am eager to assist and work on any projects or small tasks in any way I can to establish myself as a beneficial intern. I know the skills I will gain here will help me transition into the “real” world and towards my career path so I am thankful for the opportunity to work here.

Rebecca Donahue- Saint Joseph's University

I am currently finishing my junior year at Saint Joseph’s University with a marketing major and Spanish minor. I am from Cheshire, Connecticut which is about 15 minutes from Yale. Outside of classes and my internship, I work on-campus at a center for autism education and support with individuals diagnosed with ASD. In my free time I love to cook and explore Philly!

This semester at Target Media I was able to do a lot of things that I usually only see in a classroom setting. I worked closely with Jen and Sosa who were always more than happy to answer all of my questions. My projects were continuously relevant and taught me more about the field I will be working in after graduation! Target Media gave me an ‘insider’s look’ at my future career and at some of the tasks that I will be encountering.

Know a college student who's looking for an internship in the marketing and media buying industry? Give us a call, we're always looking for qualified candidates to contribute to our team!

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