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#Trending: Cross-Device Marketing

With today’s consumer using multiple devices, it’s getting more and more unusual for the decision-making process to involve just one device with a single online touch point. Clearly, impressions and frequency are key factors, but what if someone told you that you can now control how many times a user sees your ad on each one of their separate devices?

Welcome to the world of Cross-Device targeting…Cross-Device targeting provides marketers with a technology that allows them to:

Stop wasting ad spend on over-targeted and under-targeted consumers:

Cross-Device uses data providers to gather information that can be used to relate devices to one another without identifying who actually owns and uses the device. This can be done through many different platforms and exchanges such as: Mobile exchanges, desktop exchanges mobile data providers, etc. By collecting, sorting, and analyzing all of this big data, cross-device targeting technology now has around a 97% deterministic match rate. With the accuracy of cross-device technology, and the ability to control your ad spend on a per-device or per-consumer level, guessing or estimating frequency and reach will become a thing of the past. Furthermore, big data allows cross-device technology to offer marketers three levels of granularity.

Allowing Brands different ways to engage consumers, depending on your goal:

With the ability to collect, sort, and analyze big data, cross-device targeting lets you choose if you want to target your consumers at the household-level (500M+ shared devices), the consumer-level (1B+ consumers), or device-level (3B+ devices) ( This allows cross-device marketing to be used in many different verticals, and provide more than just one level of targeting options to marketers.

Attribution for continued optimization:

With the ability to connect cross-device data, marketers can see how, for example, customers move from an email to a website to a mobile app where they complete a desired action. With this attribution data, marketers can segment and optimize for different audiences to drive real business results.

Think your marketing campaign would benefit from cross-device marketing? Contact one of our reps to continue this great discussion!

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