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Facebook Advertising

From Connecting with Friends to Advertising Giant

In the age of digital media, Facebook has evolved from well beyond a way to keep up with old classmates to one of the top advertising platforms. Television and print ads still remain a relevant part of marketing, but gearing advertisers towards social media is rapidly becoming the most effective way to reach one’s desired audience. With more than 1.8 million people using Facebook per month, it is a no brainer why so many business are using it to reach potential customers.

Since adding advertising capabilities to their platform in 2012, Facebook has consistently made strides to enhance their advertising capabilities. Since its start, Facebook has used the platform to help businesses increase their engagement with its large and active community of users. Ever since introducing Facebook Pixel in 2015, the advertising process has allowed advertiser to better target consumers through tracking interactions with the companies’ sites as well as on Facebook usage.

While all these Facebook advertising capabilities are well and good, they’re not any use to businesses if they can’t accurately track the data. Recently, Facebook has come under fire for inaccuracies in their data metrics. Facebook, as well as other large media platforms, have been accused of not being transparent in their disclosure of data. However, Facebook has agreed to allow for independent third parties to inspect their data. This allows advertisers to have more reliable information when deciding whether or not to use Facebook as an advertising platform. The metrics will include the length of time an ad appears on screens and if sound was on during videos. It has also been suggested to only charge for a video if the ad is played to completion.

Facebook is taking a major step in the right direction with their dominant digital presence and increased transparency. In its 13 years of existence, the social media giant, has completely transformed that way the world see them. They’re now a household name and an absolute necessity for Business owners. Whether using the site to create a business Facebook page, or using the various advertising options available to business, Facebook is shaping itself into one of the best digital platforms out there!

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