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Adwords Through the Years

Imagine a world where you only pay for an ad when a potential client actually interacts with it? This exists, and you don’t even have to go to a galaxy far far away to find it! This phenomenon was born in 2000 and named AdWords. It was the first self-serve online advertising platform, and this idea grew quickly! Let’s break it down for you!

2000-2004 While the Backstreet Boys sold over a million copies of their first album The Hits: Chapter 1, Google went from everyone’s favorite search engine to a multi-billion-dollar advertising platform and the most patronized self-serve advertising outlet.

So here’s how it works… you’re on your own. No, seriously. AdWords works completely on a self-serve basis, just tell them how much you’re willing to pay per thousand interactions with your ad. The higher your bid, the higher your ad will be on the page.

Google ads returned more than $70 million by the end of their first year. When 2002 came, Google changed the criteria which positioned the ads. Ads were placed higher up on the page based on a score. The score was made based on relevance as well as how much money the advertiser was willing to spend.

Google also made an agreement with AOL (remember them?). But, at this time they were a leading force which allowed the reach of ads to be increased. Smart move, Google.

2004-2008 Hurricane Katrina flooded nearly 80% of New Orleans while Google AdWords was busy flooding our computer screens. Google took another giant step and allowed the advertisers to show their ads on some websites.

Advertisers were falling in love with AdWords because they had the ability to choose which domains or keywords their ads would be associated with and only bid on the cost per thousand impressions. They also loved it because they now had the ability to track which keywords, ads and campaigns resulted in the most inquiries and sales. Sounds pretty smart, right?

2008-Present AdWords continuously adds cool new features. Soon we will be introduced to a different ad extension where advertisers can show things such as their address, products, services, products and more!

So, if you haven’t yet considered AdWords… will you now?

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