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The Future is Now

As an agency who prides ourselves on offering our clients the best marketing opportunities, Target Media consistently stays ahead of the curve. We do this by analyzing previous campaigns and looking ahead to future ones. We proactively educate ourselves as well as our clients on the latest and greatest offerings to ensure they’ll have the upper hand when it comes to strategy. It’s no secret that digital advertising is changing faster than ever before. Meaning what we, as marketers, thought was “cutting-edge” in 2016 is already yesterday’s news. 2017 is here to make a big splash in the pool of technology, and we’re ready to take a dive into the new and exciting with our clients.

Mobile marketing has risen to high priority for companies and marketing strategists, but due to an ever changing landscape, no strategy is concrete. We are witnessing some of the biggest traditional platforms give way to digital mediums. Think of it as when your great Uncle Joe got his first cell phone, the unimaginable has finally happened people! Marketing managers find themselves asking – “What is more valuable; a TV spot or a social media ad?” As we ramp up for 2017 here at Target Media, our team is prepared to know which trends will prevail. But, anyone can know what’s going to breaking through, what sets us apart is the ability to implement these new trends into your media plan!

It seems like everywhere you turn someone has the best and most effective opportunity for you. But, here are 4 trends you must pay attention to in 2017:

Creative Video Advertising The amount of video ads across platforms is increasing daily. With companies like Facebook, YouTube and GoPro, Snap Chat all investing in video, you have to wonder how to make a video stand out when a user is scrolling through their newsfeed. In order to address this question, marketers need to focus less on mobile and video ads as a unique marketing medium, and more on cross device targeting. In other words, marketers shouldn’t just throw a video out there on any platform and hope it sticks. They must create a video that conveys your company’s story, and focuses on the execution of this video across multiple platforms.

When it comes to putting together creative video ads, marketers have a vast array of options to choose from. The most prominent form of video ads is 360 degree videos. You’ve probably seen these all over Facebook who has been leader in offering this form of video advertising. 360 degree videos are relatively new to Facebook so users are more inclined to interact with them. Once second you’re sitting at your desk, and the next you’re spinning in your chair at the base of the Eiffel Tower. So as far as the old “Mom and Pop” videos smaller businesses used to connect with viewers, they may just be a thing of the past.

Facebook & Google Ads: For as long as we can remember there has always been one on one comparisons. Batman vs. Superman, Pepsi vs Coke, and now Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads – which is more effective? Don’t worry though, there’s no need to choose between those last two! You want to include both into your strategy for 2017, and here’s why:

Facebook’s offering of canvas ads, live streaming and 360 degree videos are a no brainer for marketers who are looking for a platform who are looking to promote user engagement. Over the past year, Facebook has seen the popularity in video rise and they’ve made the investments to back it up. The increase of videos on users’ newsfeeds is undeniable, the constant molding of video ads into their own natural form of native advertising is happening now. It’s our job as marketers to make the most of it.

Don’t count Google Search and Display out for 2017! The company has made significant changes in order to compete with Facebook ads. As previous trends have shown, Google Search will become increasingly visual while consumer’s searches will shift to being voiced based through devices, such as Amazon’s Alexa. These devices will not only change the way consumers search, but how their search results are conveyed through devices. Watch out for Google Display’s newly defined native ad placements from traditional publishers.

Automated Sales Funnels: If your website isn’t optimized and built around conversions, then listen up! You can have the most up-to-date, speediest, polished, colorful (get my point?) website out there! But, if you aren’t using optimized your digital strategy then you are missing out! Effective companies are using content marketing to attract organic search results, and offering free downloads to gain consumers emails. They’re then retargeting those emails with automated follow up messages to drive more business. It may sound like a tedious process, but trust us, it’s not and it’s 100% worth it!

As more and more of our marketing efforts and resources shift to digital, it is inevitable that you assess how you are attracting leads, and how you can implement automated sales funnels onto your website.

Acceptance of Virtual Reality: Is 360 degree video a mere stepping stone to virtual reality? With the wide acceptance of 360 degree videos, marketers now see users change from being a “passive” participant, to an “active” one. Ads are no longer a fixed experience, but instead one the user can control. Even though virtual reality may not become a key factor in your marketing strategy for 2017, be prepared to watch consumers gravitate towards certain types of video ads that are paving the way for virtual reality in the future.

Overall, these are just a few trends we have learned about through our strategic partnerships, and we can start to see them take shape in 2017. At Target Media, we believe in a marketing campaign that strategically ties together both traditional and digital marketing. The trends found in this article are mere aspects of any campaign, a digital campaign is not its strongest without being paired with a strong traditional media plan as well.

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