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Emotional Commercials


Utilizing a Pathos Appeal in Commercial Marketing

We are all emotional people – whether we care to admit it or not. Society as a whole gathers around shared emotions that are sparked by anything from a cute cat video being virally shared on Facebook to a thought-provoking political article on LinkedIn that makes us think about the direction the United States is heading in.

Emotions cause reactions from the targeted audience, and reactions are good in the marketing world – which is why companies are turning more often towards a pathos appeal to create impactful media campaigns.

Emotional commercials have been popping up everywhere in the past few months as a way to create a deeper and more lasting connection with audiences. A recent example of this appeal set in action was formulated by Android with their creation of the Friends Furever commercial, which generated huge success for the company by showcasing unlikely – yet absolutely adorable – bonding between animals to draw in their viewers. The post was shared more than 6.4 million times on social media and gained 26+ million views on YouTube. These high numbers can be credited to the found footage of unlikely animal friends that connected the viewers more deeply to the commercial, and in turn, the Android company itself. Similar commercials like the Always Like a Girl video prompted comparable success as a result of its appeal to emotion, which now boasts 62 million YouTube views.

Although emotional appeal is not a new technique in the marketing world, it has gained significant traction in light of the cluttered messages that are being thrown at consumers from all types of media campaigns, from Super Bowl commercials to Instagram promotions. As Mark Viden reported in his article about inciting emotions in commercials, the reason behind this crucial move is quite simple, and even more effective; emotions are the reason why you prefer certain name brands and remember them. And that’s the goal of any campaign run by any company – to be memorable.

So the next time you start brainstorming ideas on what will sell your company in the most realistic and appealing way, maybe consider adding some footage of puppies playing in a field.

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