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Netflix Offline?

Just in time for the holiday season, Netflix gives viewers the biggest gift of all – offline downloads! This new feature, presented by the streaming company, will allow mobile users to download series and movies from the Netflix app, onto their phone or tablet. Once the content is downloaded, viewers are free to watch the content whenever they’d like – even when they don’t have internet access!

This feature was unveiled on December 1st through iOS and Android mobile devices with no additional costs to current Netflix subscriptions. The convenience of this feature will benefit viewers who are on the go, yet cannot seem to stop binge watching their favorite show. And the process to download one’s favorite shows is quite simple. Once the Netflix mobile app is up-to-date, there is a whole section dedicated to downloadable content. After the content is chosen, all one has to do is simply press “Download Now

Although Netlfix has always been a part of conversations revolving around streaming capabilities, they’ve now entered a new conversation, one that sets them apart from the rest. Internet giants like YouTube and Amazon Prime already have offline viewing included with subscription, but limited content is available for download. In relation to the marketing world, firm’s need to stay up to date with how viewers are watching TV so they can continue to reach consumer’s as their habits change with new technology. And even if Netlfix is seemingly ahead of the game, we’re sure a new offering will come along soon enough. The question is, will Netlfix be ready to adjust again?

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