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The Evolution of Television

We’ve had the evolution of dance, the evolution of superhero outfits, and now we have the evolution of TV!

Whether you’re in advertising or not, we can all agree on one thing - Television advertising is not what it used to be! Thanks to the technology fueled world we live in, viewers have more options than ever on how they want to watch their favorite shows. From live television to streaming networks and everything in between, the options can at times seem endless. While this array of platforms looks like a viewer’s paradise, it could be a business’s worst nightmare. That is, if the company doesn’t know how to take advantage of this new day and age.

Let’s take a second and really think about this new opportunity we have as marketers. Back in the days, of single TV homes with only four channels, an entire family was being shown the same commercial. Whether that commercial was for Ford Trucks or the newest Kitchen Aide mixer, it didn’t matter, everyone saw the same ad. Businesses were investing their precious advertising dollars on generic TV spots, in hopes that one family member was the target market for their product.

Fast forward to 2016, you now have an IPad on your lap, a cell phone beside you, and your flat screen TV is showing a pre-recorded episode of The Big Bang Theory. Suddenly we’ve gone from one channel chance to reach our target market, to three opportunities to reach a sure thing. Regardless if little Susie is watching Disney Channel or Mom is watching Good Morning America, you’re no longer ‘wasting’ an ad for the new Xbox on the wrong audience. These new capabilities allow us to really zone in on who is watching on which screens. We’re able to take advantage of multiple opportunities to get in front of potential customers, and really produce ads that they’ll engage with and respond to. In reality, the introduction of multiple screens and viewing options for TV is a win-win for everyone. As marketers, we just need to know how to take advantage of it!

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