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The Internship

When you hear a college student say that they have an internship, what are some of the first things you think of? Paper filing? Making Copies? Coffee Runs? Lots and lots of coffee runs. While that may fit the stereotypical description of an internship, here at Target Media we associate a few other words with the title intern.

We feel that our interns are a vital part of our team, and we hope that they leave Target Media with more knowledge than they would have anticipated. Today, internships are helping students get the real world experience that they can’t get off of a PowerPoint in a classroom. We currently have three students from Elizabethtown College joining our team as Fall Interns. Our internships allow students to try their hand in buying, client management, and a number of other departments that they feel might be a good fit for their career path.

Brianna Williams

Brianna is one of our media buyer interning for the fall semester. She has been able to work with the buying team on current projects, and see what they do on a day-to-day basis. When working with the buyers, she is able to use industry-leading technology, such as STRATA and Nielsen data to create media plans that will lead to successful campaigns for our client. Brianna has also been hands on with collecting research to reflect the thought process behind each plan.

How Brianna describes her experience: “By working side-by-side with the buyers, I have furthered my skills in data analysis, time management, and problem solving. In addition to these skills, I have become more knowledgeable about marketing and advertising that I will greatly benefit from as I begin my path into the “real” business world post-graduation. I am thankful for the opportunities presented to me by Target Media and look forward to continuing this journey into the spring of 2017.”

Corinne Foster

Corinne is the Social Media intern here at Target Media. Since starting at Target Media she has been able to find her niche in the organization and establish herself within the small and tight-knit staff. As a social media intern, she has been responsible for developing a monthly content calendar for all of Target Media’s social media pages, designing a monthly E-blast, as well as assisting with our new blog page. She’s also had the opportunity to work with our graphic design department to test her skills.

In the words of Corinne: “This internship has allowed me to develop my skills in creativity, organization, communication, and attention to detail, and has taught me a lot about the importance of marketing and social media. I know that the skills I have learned will guide me through my career path and am thankful to have been given the opportunity to intern at such a wonderful company!”

Samantha Proack

Samantha is another Media Buying Intern for the Fall Semester. As an intern, Samantha is always eager to learn about industry topics such as using Nielsen data as well as exploring traditional and digital communication techniques. Her responsibilities include analyzing station demographics, evaluating media packages and inputting invoices into STRATA. Samantha’s main interest lies with the research involved in developing strategic media plans and the capabilities of digital media. Her favorite part about research is being able to use various tools to track buying behaviors as well as trying to explain the irrational, yet predictable behavior of today’s consumers.

Samantha’s experience in her own words: “My internship experience has strengthened my skills in data analysis, organization and critical problem solving. I’ve also been able to practice my technology skills such as excel while also learning about digital reporting and industry leading software such as STRATA. I am thankful for everything Target Media has taught me about media and the business world, and I’m excited to continue to assist the team in any way I can!”

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